Explore the universe in a spaceship where EVERYTHING is made out of tiles, and where every tile MATTERS !


Take control of your very own spaceship and explore a universe of your own making in this unique action-adventure thrill. Discover new star systems, conduct trade and ride the trade routes, make new friends and fight old enemies. Play alone, with friends or complete strangers and meet the challenges head-on.

Everything is made of tiles, which can be created, destroyed or changed. Take combat to the next level with in-depth strategy and tactics. Carefully aim your shots for max effect—a ship will lose control when it loses all bridges tiles—or just blast away at your target until things break down. With so much to do, and so many ways to do it, Space Impossible promises endless fun.


Space Impossible is an Early Access game currently in its Beta phase. Complete with creation, destruction and everything in between, the Universe is procedurally generated, providing endless combinations of Universes to explore.

Start out in a small Venture class ship, but soon move on to larger and more sophisticated ships, all the while upgrading ship components like engines, reactors and weapons. Alter your ship one tile at a time, repair ill-fated wrecks, or acquire ships from allies.

Meet different human and alien factions, each with their own cultures, and ships and stations to express it. Take sides in on going struggles, or stay neutral and attempt to play both sides. Meet with tradeships and stations and buy and sell for materials, or go out and mine it for yourself.

Take combat to a whole new level never seen before, selecting from hundreds of weapon configurations as you slice, blast and explode through anyone foolish enough to stand in your way.

Play on a LAN or across the Internet with friends or strangers as you play together, or attempt to dominate each other in a vivid, ever changing universe. Complete with customized content and community run dedicated servers, the stars the limit for playing Space Impossible your way.

  • Every tile matters — Blast it, slice it, tractor it. If it exists you can alter it.
  • Indepth and skilled combat — Target the bridges? Or aim for the reactors first? Up to you.
  • Customizable — Build the ship of your dreams from a single tile upwards. Equip it from your choice of hundreds of different and unique components.
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer support — Play alone or with friends.
  • Procedural Universe — The right combination of "the same" and "different" each time you create a new universe.
  • Explore, Collect, Make, Destroy — Explore the universe, collect resources, make new equipment, destroy your opponents.


The roadmap represents planned development. It shows when features and content will be added. Due to the nature of development, it should be taken as a desired possibility and not a definitive destination. This means features and content may be added, removed, shifted about in priority at any time.




  • Millions of possible star systems
  • Dozens or hundreds of regions per star system
  • Fully customizable ships and vessels
  • Swappable components: engines, weapons, reactors and more
  • Weapons: Beams, Torpedoes and Tractors
  • Shields for blocking some, but not all types of damage
  • Friendly, neutral and hostile AI
  • Warp Gates & Wormholes
  • Full physics interaction, collide and dodge with your surroundings
  • Trading System
  • Mission and Conflict System
  • EVA Space suits for moving between vessels and repair
  • Support for Steam workshop to share custom vessels
  • Mac and Linux Versions
  • Basic Multiplayer
  • Hangar Bays
  • Weapon & Combat review



  • Standalone Dedicated server
  • Tutorial
  • More items and components
  • New Faction: Seti Rimanoo
  • New Faction: The Brotherhood
  • New Faction: The Dinnmar
  • Blackholes Regions
  • Comet Regions
  • Anomalies
  • Region-wide effects
  • Missions Update
  • Improved dynamic spawning events
  • Improved AI - Focusing on navigation and tactics
  • Additional support for custom content and content sharing